When Was the Last Time You Said No To More?

Each year’s beginning is a perfect moment to refresh your goals and clarify the initiatives you will spend energy on. But too often, we use it as another time to pile up more on our list of things to achieve. Don’t forget to say no; the most prominent idea in the strategy book is the ability to say “no” to lesser value stuff. And the book is the famous “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy” by Richard Rumelt.

3 Books On Marketing I Loved To Re-read Last Year

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This is an article about three books that changed how I think about marketing and advertising. I am sorry to disappoint you, but “How Brands Grow” from Byron Sharp or “Principles of Marketing” from Kotler are on another list, not this one. Go back to the basics with Ogilvy, look into the future using Google Search and get your storytelling right with Presentation Zen.

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