Now Now Now


  • Studied Telecommunication Engineering in Bucharest, Romania and then dived into Marketing and never looked back. Currently living in Belgium with my lovely wife Felicia and our kids: Emma and Sebastian.
  • Professionally, I lead the Mars Center of Expertise for Advertising and Media. I advise global and local marketing teams on media and advertising strategies that lead to brand and category growth.
  • I am passionate about discovering new concepts, simplifying complex theories and understanding why people think and act the way they do.

3 Projects I Focus on NOW:

  1. Increasing the audience of my blog by writing weekly, sharing my articles on multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Medium etc) to achieve 10.000 views in 1 year from June 2020 launch.
  2. Studying Neuroscience and its application to marketing to understand the boundaries of what is possible, and where we still don’t have the answers. I follow 2 Coursera classes 1 and 2, I read “How Emotions Are Made” and participate conversations with thought leaders in the marketing industry.
  3. Studying Marketing with Mark Ritson’s Mini MBA and a Strategy Execution Executive Education at IMD

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