About me

A curious engineer decoding human decisions since the 80s

  • Hi! My name is Sorin Patilinet. Studied Telecommunication Engineering in Bucharest, Romania and then dived into Marketing and never looked back. Currently living in Belgium with my lovely wife Felicia and our kids: Emma and Sebastian.
  • Professionally, I lead the Mars Center of Expertise for Advertising and Media. I advise global and local marketing teams on media and advertising strategies that lead to brand and category growth.
  • I am passionate about discovering new concepts, simplifying complex theories and understanding why people think and act the way they do.

3 Projects I Focus on Now

  1. Increasing the audience of this blog by writing weekly, sharing my articles on multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Medium etc) to get to 10.000 views in 1 year from the June 2020 launch. – 4.500 views after 6 months already.
  2. Deep-diving into Neuroscience and its application to marketing to understand the boundaries of what is possible, and where we still don’t have the answers. I (try) to complete 2 Coursera classes, I read “How Emotions Are Made” and participate conversations with thought leaders in the marketing industry. – slow progress
  3. Went back to school. I am completed my first ever Marketing class with Mark Ritson’s Mini MBA and at the same time a Strategy Execution Executive Education at IMD

Inspired by Derek Siver’s – Now Now Now post

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